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The archive is located within the facilities of the Superior Court of Justice of the State of Puebla, which resolves civil, family, commercial, and juvenile judicial disputes. These types of judicial disputes determine the organization of the archive.

The archive has a historical collection (from the 16th century until 1900), divided into one of ‘concentration’ (until 2000), and another of ‘procedure’ (current). The historical collection contains court records from across the state, not just the superior court of justice. The users are primarily lawyers who seek files of proceedings for their investigation during litigation work. Thus, the consultation of the ‘concentration’ holdings is privileged along with the ‘procedure’ collection. It had not been possible for researchers to use the historical collection due to the lack of personnel and space, which is why the digitization of the Royal Fund of Cholula serves as a solution that guarantees public access to this important collection.




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Colección Digital Fondo Real de Cholula

The Fondo Real de Cholula, housed in the Archives of the Judicial Branch of the State of Puebla, comprises records of legal proceedings spanning from the 16th century to the beginning of the 20th century. A careful analysis of the Fondo Real de Cholula indicates that, together with the collection protected in the General Archive of Notaries of the State of Puebla, it forms the archive ... Read more.


Categories: Acts, Announcements, Appraisals, Asset Transfer Forms, Auctions, Census, Complaints, Contracts, Curaduría de bienes, Debt Litigation, Deeds, Dowry Letters, Grievance Litigation, Homicides, Inventories, Leases, Legal Appeals, Letters of Sale or Purchase, Licenses, Merced de tierras, Obligaciones, Ordinances, Pedimentos, Petitions, Power of Attorney Letters, Proclamations, Property Litigation, Property Litigation, Property Transfers, Querella por deudas, Querella por rentas, Reparticiónes, Requests, Statements, Thefts, Wills

Date Range: 1571 - 1834

Country of Origin: Mexico

Languages: Spanish, Nahuatl